How Thickness and Packaging impact Carrom coins:

Packaging and thickness of carrom coins play a major role in buying any carrom coins.

Siscaa Carrom Coins is the perfect fit brand for everyone. It is a trusted, well-known brand for buying high quality carrom coins. It is the best carrom coins to champion the game. Siscaa produce carrom coins for all i.e. for professionals, players and beginners. It produces premium quality carrom coins known for its high performance and extremely attractive looks.


Thickness of the carrom coins decide the performance on the carrom board. The carrom men with correct thickness enhances its rebound and striking capacity.

Thickness of carrom coins range from 6 mm to 9 mm. Standard thickness of carrom coins varies in 7 mm, 7.2 mm and 7.5 mm.

Siscaa brand carrom coins available in 5 mm, 7 mm, 7.5 mm, 8 mm and 9 mm thickness range.


Siscaa provides different packaging for different products. Depending on the product, the packing is available in wooden box, plastic box and cardboard box. This helps to avoid the unnecessary damages to carrom coins and gives a visual appeal to the customer. Variation in packaging does make Siscaa a very unique brand in the sports market.

Packing of cardboard boxes are least expensive, whereas plastic box packing is economical to buy. Wooden box packing are more fit for thicker carrom coins.

Thus, different types of packaging is done to avail you the perfect carrom coins without any damage and irregularities.

Siscaa means the carrom coins with the assured quality and performance, gives complete satisfaction of playing the game.