Tips to buy carrom coins:

This is a frequently asked question by the carrom players that how and from where to buy good quality carrom coins.

Here are some tips:

1. The coin should be of same thickness and weight i.e. equal in size and shape. Just pile up all the coins on one above other and check this easily.

2. Check durability of coins by rubbing your hands on coins to know whether its color runs out or not. Same way you can check out prints on carrom coins as well as on strikers and carrom boards.

3. The finishing on the coins should be smoothy in touch and good in looks. Surface of coins should be smooth and even on both the sides. Good looks always feels good.

4. Marble coins are smooth and glossy which slides smoothly on carrom board. Same way striker should be of hard plastic having no cracks under it.

5. 19 coin set is a perfect one to buy i.e. 9 black, 9 white and one red.

6. Pricing is also an important factor to be taken in view while buying the coins. For that, you should approach the local sellers of gaming products so that they can be easily contacted for exchange if any fault in product. If you’re lucky enough, you can get the best quality product in lower price.

7. Always purchase from well-known and reliable manufacturing companies such as Uber games, Drueke, Carrom, etc.

8. The other options are: online purchasing where you can get variety of options of branded carrom coins and companies giving variety of offers such as discount, free accessories like strikers, carrom powder, etc.

9. Last but not the least guys, follow your intuition to buy good quality carrom coins. Never forget bargaining is your birthright.