Wooden carrom coins v/s Plastic carrom coins:

Wooden carrom coins:

Wooden carrom coins are very common in indoor games as well as in tournaments. Playing carrom with wooden coins is very easy and gives a player good control over the game. Wooden coins are environment friendly and long lasting. As wood is a natural resource, wooden coins require less energy power to produce it or any wooden item. As carrom boards are also made of wood, wooden coins are a good match with it. Wooden carrom coins give players a perfect feeling of ease and playing satisfaction as it is a traditional way of playing games. Wooden coins are durable and unbreakable so it is preferred by the players indoor and outdoor too. Wooden coins are used in the sports category. Wooden coins are of high quality and expensive in price as well.

Plastic carrom coins:

Plastic coins are new, advanced type of carrom coins. As plastic carrom coins are light in weight and smooth in sliding which create less friction on carrom board so not recommended when playing professionally. Plastic carrom coins are not preferred for carrom tournaments or professional gaming. Plastic coins are tend to break very frequently thus not durable. Plastic uses more energy power to produce its accessories. Plastic coins are not perfect match with wooden carrom board. Though plastic coins are attractive for eyesight, it gives a little bit of odd feeling while playing the games. Plastic coins are tend to break while frequently shot by the players because it is synthetic, man-made material.

Plastic coins are counted in the toy category. It is of low quality so comparatively cheap in price. As plastic is synthetically man-made material, it is very harmful for ecology and environment. So it is totally wrong option for the game.

Besides wooden and plastic coins, marble carrom coins are also available in the market which are smooth and glossy and slides smoothly on carrom board. But traditionally from the very beginning, only wooden coins are used in carrom games so it is suggested to have wooden carrom coins and enjoy the game.